The Top 42 Writing Posts Of 2019

The Top 42 Writing Posts Of 2019

At the beginning of every year we have a tradition of posting our Top 42 Writing Posts from the previous year.

(There was no special reason for the number 42 in 2013 when we started, but we’ve kept up the tradition.)

These were the posts you most wanted to see on this website in 2019.

The most viewed post with 68 000 views was 106 Ways To Describe Sounds. It was the most popular by more than 25 000 over the second placed post, 75 Words That Describe Smells. In third place overall was Writing A Memoir? Narrow Your Focus

We have divided the posts into categories for you to explore subjects that may interest you.

The Top 42 Writing Posts Of 2019

Writing Resources Posts

  1. 106 Ways To Describe Sounds
  2. 75 Words That Describe Smells
  3. 32 Ways To Write About Fear
  4. 204 Words That Describe Colours
  5. 7 Online Writing Courses That Could Change Your Life
  6. 140 Words To Describe Mood In Fiction
  7. 101 Fantasy Tropes For Writers
  8. 29 Ways To Write About Happiness
  9.  A Complete Glossary Of Terms For Fantasy Writers
  10. 101 Sci-Fi Tropes For Writers
  11. 17 Pretentious Words & What to Use Instead
  12. A Complete Glossary Of Terms For Science Fiction Writers
  13. What Literary Agents Want From Authors Of Fiction

Writing Advice Posts

  1. Writing A Memoir? Narrow Your Focus
  2. 7 Ways To Create A Spectacular Magic System For Your Novel
  3. Why Method Writing Makes You A Better Author
  4. 20 Fun Ways To Find Ideas For A Plot
  5. Use These 7 Gaslighting Phrases To Make Your Antagonist More Manipulative
  6. 7 Deadly Rules For Creating A Villain
  7. 3 Truly Odd Protagonists & Why We Really Really Like Them
  8. 10 Description Mistakes Writers Should Avoid At All Costs
  9. All About The Romance Writing Genre
  10. How To Write The Tragic Love Story – A 10-Step Formula
  11. 9 Ways To Bring The Funny In Your Fiction
  12. 3 Things Authors Of The Golden Age Of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Did Better
  13. What J. K. Rowling & Other Bestselling Authors Know About Setting
  14. Scaring Your Readers 101: 8 Tips For Writing A Great Horror Story
  15. Why All Aspiring Novelists Need A Vision Board
  16. The 7 Qualities Of Compelling Character Motivations
  17. How Your Characters’ To-Do Lists Can Help You Plot Your Book
  18. The Secret To Writing A Great Plot Twist
  19. The Least You Should Know About Your Protagonist And Antagonist
  20. How To Write The Perfect Flashback

Miscellaneous Posts

  1. Harry Potter And The Not Very Good Writing
  2. Welcome To The 12 Short Stories Writing Challenge For 2019
  3. Fantasy Book Title Generator
  4. Creative Block
  5. To Be Written
  6. Things Writers Google
  7. Welcome To The 12 Poems Challenge For 2019

Tips From Famous Writers

  1. Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules For Writers
  2.  27 Gems On Writing From Ernest Hemingway

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