The Top 42 Writing Posts Of 2017

These were the posts you most wanted to see on this website in 2017.

At the beginning of the year we have a tradition of posting our Top 42 Writing Posts from the previous year. (There was no special reason for the number 42 in 2013 when we started, but we’ve kept up the tradition since then.)

The favourite post was an infographic: 10 Dialogue Errors Writers Should Avoid.

Here are the top 42 from 2017:

Top Writing Advice Posts

  1. 10 Dialogue Errors Writers Should Avoid
  2. 10 Powerful Recurring Themes In Children’s Stories
  3. How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories
  4. My Short Story Writing Process – In 12 Easy Steps
  5. 28 Dos And Don’ts: A Must-Have Checklist To Improve Your Writing
  6. How To Use The 4 Main Characters As Literary Devices
  7. If You Don’t Have These 7 Qualities You Probably Shouldn’t Be Writing A Novel
  8. The Love Interest As A Literary Device
  9. 7 Completely Mad Plot Methods You Never Thought Of Before
  10. 17 Ways To Think Like A Writer Every Day
  11. Yes, You Can Create An Unforgettable Protagonist
  12. How To Use Your Antagonist To Define Your Story Goal
  13. Where Do You Start Your Short Story?
  14. 3 Things Your Characters Should Not Be Doing
  15. Character Interview – A Worksheet For Beginners
  16. Writing For Children – 12 Practical Tips To Get You Started
  17. The 18 Essential Rules Of Journalism
  18. The Confidant As A Literary Device
  19. 2 Types Of Conflict To Squeeze Into A Short Story
  20. 7 Secrets To Writing Happy Characters Without Boring Your Audience

Top Writing Resources Posts

  1. Naming Characters – 33 Fabulous Resources To Use
  2. 21 Important Grammar Rules To Remember
  3. 30 Filler Words To Cut Out Of Your Writing
  4. 85 Hashtags Writers Need To Know
  5. 12 Common Writing Mistakes Everyone Makes
  6. The Oxford Comma
  7. The Top 10 Psychology Blogs
  8. Writing Advice From The World’s Most Famous Authors
  9. Simplify Your Writing – Avoid These 44 Overused Words & Phrases

Top Miscellaneous Posts

  1. Margaret Atwood’s 10 Rules For Writing Fiction
  2. Poetry Competition – ‘I Wish I’d Said’ – Enter Now
  3. 40 Writing Competitions To Inspire You
  4. 10 Reasons Why You’re NOT A Writer
  5. 16 Tips From A Terrible Writer
  6. Fiction – Because Real Life Is Terrible
  7. On Writing – Our Top 25 Posts Of All Time
  8. Writing Prompts For April 2017
  9. 12 Short Stories – Competition Time!
  10. The Writers Write Book Reading Challenge 2018
  11. Which Country Reads The Most?
  12. Short Story Challenge – 10 Awesome Reasons For Writing Short Stories
  13. Nietzsche’s 10 Rules For Writers

These were your favourite posts from previous years:

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Posted on: 15th January 2018