Practical Hacks For Planning Your Blogging Calendar

Practical Hacks For Planning Your Blogging Calendar

Writers Write creates blogging resources and shares blog writing tips. In this post, we give you practical hacks for planning your blogging calendar.

If you blog, or write for social media, you need to create some sort of calendar to help you plan your year.

Practical Hacks For Planning Your Blogging Calendar

This helps you to think about what is important to people at different times. Knowing this gives you an angle. It also gives you ideas when you don’t think you have another post in you.

What are you going to share?

The best way to do this is by breaking your blogging diary into topics and types of posts.


  1. Lists
  2. Informative Posts
  3. Interviews
  4. Infographics
  5. Worksheets
  6. Questionnaires
  7. How-To Articles
  8. Quotations
  9. Templates

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When are you going to share?

Regular Monthly Posts

We have monthly posts that are regular features:

  1. Writing Prompts For The Month: Example: Writing Prompts For December 2017
  2. Book Reviews For The Month
  3. Top 10 Writing Posts From The Previous Month
  4. Upcoming Courses

We also have a few yearly posts, including: The Top 42 Posts (in January), Writers Write Reviewers Choose Their Top Books (in December), Forbes Top-Earning Authors (in August).

Regular Weekly Posts

You could also decide what you are going to blog about on different days of the week. Use social media hashtags to inspire your choices. Reading suggestion: 85 Hashtags Writers Need To Know

Examples at Writers Write:

  1. Monday: We have a Social Media Monday at Writers Write. We post about blogging and social media on Mondays.
  2. Tuesday: We post about business writing or grammar on Tuesdays at Writers Write.
  3. Wednesday: Mia Botha chose to post about short stories on Wednesdays in 2017 under the Short Story Challenge tag.
  4. Thursday: In 2016, Anthony Ehlers posted a series on Write Your Novel In A Year every Thursday. In 2017, he posted a series of inspirational posts for writers.
  5. Friday: We try to feature guest posts on Fridays.
  6. Saturday: Optional – we have no set posts for Saturdays.
  7. Sunday: Optional – we have no set posts for Sundays.

You would need to decide which days of the week you will share content. You may decide to blog three times a week, or you may decide to post every day.

Which days will you choose?

Another great way to plan your blogging and social media calendar is by noting important holidays, and national and international days of interest to your audience. You can plan posts using these holidays or days as themes. This is also great for marketing.

For example, writers and readers will be interested in the following days (sometimes weeks or months):

Writing-related Days

  1. Banned Books Week – September: Example: The 10 Most Challenged Titles Of 2016
  2. Book Lover’s Day – 9 August
  3. Famous Authors’ Birthdays: Example: Margaret Atwood’s 10 Rules For Writing Fiction
  4. International Literacy Day – 8 September: Example: 12 Inspiring Literacy Quotes
  5. International Plain Language Day – 13 October
  6. National Novel Writing Month – November: Example: NaNoWriMo: A Writer’s Checklist For The Final Stretch
  7. National Author’s Day – 1 November: Example: The 25 Best Quotes About Authors
  8. National Book Week in South Africa – 1st week of September: Example: National Book Week South Africa
  9. National Buy a Book Day – 7 September
  10. Nobel Prize in Literature (& any other important prizes): Example: 13 Female Nobel Laureates In Literature
  11. Oscars and Golden Globes – especially if books are nominated: Example: Based On The Book By
  12. Punctuation Day – 13 December
  13. Roald Dahl Day – 13 September: Example: 5 Quite Interesting Facts About Roald Dahl
  14. Short Story Day – 21 December
  15. Short Story Day Africa – 21 June
  16. The Ides of March – 15 March: Example: The Ides of March – What Does It Mean?
  17. Winnie The Pooh Day – 18 January
  18. World Book Day: Example: International Day Of The Book – 23 April – William Shakespeare’s Birthday
  19. World Poetry Day – 21 March
  20. World Social Media Day – 30 June

Practical Hacks For Planning Your Blogging Calendar

General Holidays

  1. April Fool’s Day – 1 April
  2. Black Friday – October
  3. Christmas – 25 December
  4. Father’s Day – June: Example: 15 Fascinating Fathers From Fiction or Father’s Day Writing Prompt
  5. Halloween – 31 October
  6. May Day – 1 May
  7. Mother’s Day – May: Example: The 15 Most Memorable Mothers in Literature or Mother’s Day Writing Prompt
  8. New Year’s Day – 1 January
  9. St. Patrick’s Day – 17 March
  10. Valentine’s Day – 14 February: Examples: 10 Perfect Literary Dates For Valentine’s Day or 12 Literary Couples Whose Love Will Last


  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter

Miscellaneous Days

Remember that you can use any day that appeals to you and your audience.

  1. All Saint’s Day – 1 November
  2. Friday the 13th
  3. International Cat Day – 8 August: Example: 30 (or so) Famous Fictional Cats
  4. International Coffee Day – 29 September: Example: The Top 10 Quotes About Coffee
  5. International Tea Day – 15 December: Example: 12 Literary Quotes About Tea
  6. Earth Day – 22 April
  7. International Women’s Day – 8 March
  8. Star Wars Day – 4 May

Public Holidays Worldwide

Use this calendar if you need to know holidays around the world: 2018 Calendar of Public Holidays

Useful Calendars

If you’re looking for ideas for days that might be of interest to your audience, use this useful calendar:

  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December

Calendar Templates

Download a free calendar template – or use your outlook or google calendar – to fill up the days that you may want to use.

Practical Hacks For Planning Your Blogging Calendar

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 18th December 2017