10 Perfect Writing Prompts For Thanksgiving

10 Perfect Writing Prompts For Thanksgiving

The holidays give writers a wonderful opportunity to collect material for stories. We’ve included 10 perfect prompts for Thanksgiving to inspire your writing.

There is so much writing material in family holiday situations. These include family feuds and fights, traditions – old versus new, and other rituals (including the religious).

Putting family together under one roof is great. It creates tension and produces conflict. It highlights sibling rivalries. It also reinforces bonds and family ties. Emotions like happinessanger, loss, love, and jealousy can’t help but emerge.

All holidays are wonderful for exploring the senses. Especially Thanksgiving where food takes centre stage.

(Explore our prompts for Halloween & Christmas as well.)

Use all of this to practise your writing skills.

10 Perfect Writing Prompts For Thanksgiving

Here are 10 Thanksgiving-themed prompts to get you started:

  1. Write about preparing the Thanksgiving meal. Who is involved? Where does it take place? How long does the preparation take? Use dialogue (if possible) and the five senses.
  2. Make lists of the five things each of the four main characters in your book are thankful for.
  3. Write two scenes: one where your protagonist travels home for Thanksgiving and another where your antagonist travels home for Thanksgiving. How do they travel? Who are they with? What are they thinking?
  4. You meet a foreigner on your way home. Explain what Thanksgiving is all about to this stranger.
  5. Make a list of the people at your Thanksgiving table. Describe them all in no more than two or three sentences. Do it as though you’re meeting them for the first time.
  6. If you could invite anybody as a guest for Thanksgiving who would it be? Why would you invite them? How do you think your family would react?
  7. Describe the Thanksgiving meal itself. Write a scene from your viewpoint in first person present tense showing us what is happening.
  8. Write about the annual argument that irritates you the most. Who starts it? What is it about? Why does it persist?
  9. The best Thanksgiving I ever had was when…
  10. Write an ABC (acrostic) poem:


You can write it using free verse or rhyming couplets.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Writing!

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Posted on: 25th November 2021