Write Your Novel In A Year

Write Your Novel In A Year

Writers Write creates writing resources. In this post, we’ve put together a full list of all the posts to help you write your novel in a year.

In 2016, Anthony Ehlers created a series called Write Your Novel In A Year. Over 52 weeks, he shared his process and guided writers through the beginning, middle, and endings of their books.

Write Your Novel In A Year

You can use this to plan and write your own novel in a year.

[The 52 posts in the series are also available in a downloadable, advert-free workbook. Buy it here: Write Your Novel In A Year Workbook]

In today’s post, we list the series from Week 1 to Week 52:

Week 1: Start Strong, Start Simple
Week 2: Finding Your Red, Yellow, And Blue
Week 3: Getting To Grips With Genre And Tone
Week 4: Getting to Grips With Research
Week 5: What Will Happen Next?
Week 6: Overcoming Your Fear of the Middle
Week 7: The Moment of Truth
Week 8: Untying The Knots
Week 9: The Building Blocks Of Your Novel
Week 10: Your Next Move
Week 11: State Of Mind
Week 12: Time And Place
Week 13: Decluttering Your Plot
Week 14: Final Fixes
Week 15: Draft Away
Week 16: What Makes A Scene Work?
Week 17: Expect The Unexpected
Week 18: Shading A Scene
Week 19: Turning The Screw
Week 20: Getting To The Heart Of The Story
Week 21: All About Character
Week 22: Making Your Scenes Work for You
Week 23: Reality Bites
Week 24: How Important Is Style In A Story?
Week 25: Your Mid-Year Analysis
Week 26: 3 Tough Questions You May Be Facing
Week 27: Theme As the Engine Of Plot
Week 28: Breaking Up Chapters & Scenes
Week 29: 3 Things To Remember About Dialogue
Week 30: The 30 Minute Challenge
Week 31: The Voice And The Vision
Week 32: Your 6 Indispensable Plot Pivots
Week 33: Beginnings, Backstory, And Other Bugbears
Week 34: Spring Cleaning
Week 35: 3 Must-Have Scenes That Reveal Character
Week 36: 3 Must-Have Scenes That Reveal Plot
Week 37: Rules Of The Game
Week 38: 3 Criteria For A Perfect Scene
Week 39: 3 Big Questions That Demand An Honest Answer
Week 40: 3 Rules You Can Break To Start Your Story
Week 41: 7 Questions You Need To Ask Of Your First Draft
Week 42: 12 Easy Ways To Find A Title For Your Novel
Week 43: 3 Ways To Finish Your Draft Before The End Of The Year
Week 44: White Hot Writer – 7 Tricks To Write Faster
Week 45: How To Find A Top Literary Agent
Week 46: 3 Lessons On Theme, Character, And Plot
Week 47: 3 Secrets to Successfully Submitting Your Manuscript
Week 48: 5 Elements You Need In Chapter One To Hook Your Reader
Week 49: Why Writing ‘The End’ Is Not Goodbye (Yet)
Week 50: Building Your Brand As An Author
Week 51: Finding Your Identity And Power As A Novelist
Week 52: Keep The Momentum Going

Happy Writing!

Top Tip: The 52 posts are also available in a downloadable, advert-free workbook. Buy it here: Write Your Novel In A Year Workbook

 by Anthony Ehlers

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Posted on: 14th December 2017