Create The Correct Headline For Your Blog Post

Create The Correct Headline For Your Blog Post

What are you trying to achieve with your headline? Who is your audience? How do you want them to feel?

You can use the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyser to find out if your headline resonates on an intellectual, empathetic or spiritual level.

This is a free tool that looks at an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score of your headline. You will get this as a percentage.

In addition to the EMV score, you will find out which reactions your words are likely to evoke from these three options:

Create The Correct Headline For Your Blog Post

The headline of this post has an intellectual value. This make sense because I am trying to teach people who want to learn about writing.

Top Tip: If you simply want to check the clickability of your headline, try the CoSchedule Headline Analyser

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 4th September 2017