10 Perfect Literary Dates For Valentine's Day

10 Perfect Literary Dates For Valentine’s Day

Who would writers and readers choose as a date for Valentine’s day? Here are 10 perfect literary dates for Valentine’s Day.

What if you could choose your perfect Valentine’s Day date? What if time travel was real and you could go back and meet the authors you most admired and still love today?

10 Perfect Literary Dates For Valentine’s Day

A Literary Love Affair Through Time

These are my 10 perfect literary dates:

  1. I go back to London in the late 16th century, and watch Julius Caesar performed for the first time at the new Globe Theatre. Backstage, I drink some ale with Shakespeare and he signs my programme. (Where do I catch the tube?)
  2. It’s the late 1800s and Oscar Wilde has thrown a party to celebrate the publication of The Picture of Dorian Gray, where I get a signed first edition. (I must get my portrait painted soon.)
  3. Paris in the Roaring Twenties is where any writer should be. I meet Hemingway and Fitzgerald and go to so many parties I don’t get time to read Gatsby or The Sun Also Rises. (That’s OK. I’ll read them later.)
  4. It’s 1939 in Atlanta. I attend the premiere of Gone with the Wind, rubbing shoulders with Margaret Mitchell, David O Selznick, and Vivien Leigh.  (The  rented tux goes back to tomorrow.)
  5. Rome, in the 1940s, and I’m loitering around Rome with Tennessee Williams. At any minute, we expect Blanche from Streetcar Named Desire or Brick from Cat On A Hat Tin Roof to drop in. (I must remember to send a postcard back home.)
  6. New York in the 50s. Patrick Dennis invites me to cocktail hour with Auntie Mame and Belle Poitrine. Truman Capote drops in and suggests we all have Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (Champagne and hot dogs — it’s the only way to dine in the Big Apple!)
  7. Down Under in Australia in the 70s. I travel to a sheep station in the Outback with Colleen McCullough — she’s going to show me the inspiration for Drogheda in The Thorn Birds. (Who is the priest following us?)
  8. Looking for some glitz and glamour I race to Beverly Hills and hang out with Jackie Collins and her Hollywood Wives. For the seamier side of Los Angeles, I party with Bret Easton Ellis and his nihilistic and beautiful friends from Less Than Zero. (I best leave soon before I need re-hab!)
  9. I whizz back to London in the ’90s, for a quick cappuccino with J.K. Rowling as she writes her first Harry Potter book in a coffee shop — we talk for hours about writing. (Can you believe it? She stuck me with the bill!)
  10. Back in Johannesburg, a late summer Valentine’s Day – I spend it on my bed, surrounded by my favourite books. With great books, there’s no need for time travels — the stories go with you wherever you are. It’s all right there on the page.

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Posted on: 12th February 2016