31 Writing Prompts For October 2022

31 Writing Prompts For October 2022

Writers Write shares writing prompts and writing resources. Use these writing prompts for October 2022 to get you writing.

This year we are using our daily prompts to improve our writing. This month I want to focus on conflict.

Let’s Practise

Creating Conflict

Conflict is one of those things in writing that you have to figure out in terms of your genre and your story. Most of us shy away from conflict. We are not confrontational in real life, but in fiction we have to be.

When we write action the conflict is obvious, but with the gentler genres we have to think a little wider. We must think of conflict beyond physical violence. If conflict is something you find hard to include try calling it the challenge, the complication or simply think of it as contrast.

Outer And Inner Conflict

A simple trick is to vary the sources of your conflict. Your primary conflict should always come from your antagonist, but the setting and other characters also add to the conflict. Your protagonist will also create their own conflict.


When the laws change, and your character’s life is affected that is conflict caused by the setting. If your character must interrupt their pursuit of the story goal to go save their friend that is conflict caused by the subplot.

Most of the conflict I mentioned above will be outer conflict. Another source of conflict is inner conflict. All characters have flaws that they must overcome. Think about self-doubt, childhood trauma and any other emotional baggage that your character may have.

In short, you need a variety of conflict in your story.

Read this post to learn about creating conflict: 


Watch movies or read books from different genres. Try drama, thrillers, romcoms, sci-fi. List all the sources of conflict.


Use the prompts to create conflict in your scenes. Try to use one of the sources of conflict in conjunction with the daily prompt. Use viewpoint to hide information. Use the setting to cause chaos. Use dialogue and have your characters tell a lie or have an epic screaming match.

31 Writing Prompts For October 2022

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 30th September 2022