30 Writing Prompts For September 2022

30 Writing Prompts For September 2022

Writers Write shares writing prompts and writing resources. Use these writing prompts for September 2022 to get you writing.

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This year we are using our daily prompts to improve our writing. This month I want to focus on creating setting.

Let’s practise.

Creating Setting

Setting is such a big part of a novel that is often underutilised. Setting is not just for writers of historical fiction, sci-fi or fantasy. Every novel takes place somewhere. That somewhere should be intrinsically linked to your plot.

Setting is not ‘just’ the place your story takes place in. Setting comprises the physical location, geography, weather, duration, era, objects and things and culture. It is a big part of your story and an incredibly powerful tool. It is the anchor. 

Think about where you have set your story. Why have you set your story there? If it a place you are very familiar with, it may be hard to step away and think of things that make the setting unique. Try to see the place as a newcomer would.

Read this post to learn about creating setting:  Adding Setting


 Google Earth and map making websites are fun tools to use for setting. You can use this  or that . Even if you don’t write fantasy, look at what is required to build a world. It will help you to build your setting.


Use the prompts to explore the setting in your story.

Use this list:

  1. Physical location
  2. Geography
  3. Weather
  4. Duration
  5. Era
  6. Objects and things
  7. Culture

And try to use one of these in conjunction with the daily prompt.

30 Writing Prompts For September 2022

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 1st September 2022