31 Writing Prompts For August 2022

31 Writing Prompts For August 2022

Writers Write shares writing prompts and writing resources. Use these writing prompts for August 2022 to get you writing.

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This year we are using our daily prompts to improve our writing. This month I want to focus on creating characters.

Let’s practise

Creating Characters

There is nothing better than meeting an awesome person on the page. A character so well formed you have to remind yourself not to start a conversation with them. At least not in public. 😜 It is part planning and part magic.

How To Create A Character 

It takes time to really get to know your character, but before we get to know them, we have to create them.

But how? 

For me, a character appears, not on the page, but somewhere in a wispy spot between my mind and my heart. Sometimes it is a cheeky smile or an evil glint. Sometimes just a line of dialogue or a blur of action. It is truly magic and blows my mind every time.

So, there are two ways to approach this month’s practise. Either, use the prompt and write as different characters emerge. You can create 30, ten or however many characters throughout the month.


You can create one character and flesh them out using the daily prompts.

So, use the prompts and write a few lines about a new or existing character. Think about their past, their future and, as always, about their goals.

Read this post to learn about creating characters: A Quick-Start Guide To Creating Characters


Go to your bookshelf and pick your favourite book. That one you have read more times than you can even count. Before you start reading it again think of everything you can remember about the main character. Think about what you liked or disliked about this character. What were their biggest wins and fails? Now do your homework.


Write it all down. All those things you thought about. Think about what engaged your emotions. Now, use that list when you create your characters. Use the events, reactions and developments in the context of your own characters. Make it your own.

That is what you want to do, engage your reader’s emotions. After that, you can read the book again.


31 Writing Prompts For August 2022

Writers Write Prompts August 2022

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 1st August 2022