31 Writing Prompts For July 2022

31 Writing Prompts For July 2022

Writers Write shares writing prompts and writing resources. Use these writing prompts for July 2022 to get you writing.

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This year we are using our daily prompts to improve our writing. This month I want to focus on changing pace.

Let’s practise.

Changing Pace

Sometimes we need to speed up and sometimes we need to slow down. Knowing how to do it is simple. Knowing when to do it is a skill that we need to learn. Longer words, sentences, paragraphs, scenes, and chapters help to slow a scene down.  Shorter words, sentences, paragraphs, scenes and chapters speed it up.

How to change pace:

How to slow it down: 

  1. Increase your sentence length.
  2. Increase your paragraph length.
  3. Choose longer words.
  4. Use more description, without grinding the scene to a halt.
  5. Add more internal thought.
  6. Use passive voice.

How to speed it up:

  1. Use fragments.
  2. Shorten your sentences.
  3. Shorten your paragraphs.
  4. Simplify your word choice.
  5. Strengthen your nouns and verbs.
  6. Remove adverbs and unnecessary adjectives.
  7. Use active voice.

When and why do we need to change pace?

Your scene will dictate what happens and if it should be fast or slow. When the lovers finally unite. Slow down. When the cop faces the serial killer of the first time. Slow down. When they have kissed a million times and have seen each other as often – don’t slow down.

Most often you’ll instinctively know if it should be fast or slow. I want you to pay attention to the change. If your scene starts fast, try to slow down and then speed up again. If the scene starts slow, can you race to the end? That change of pace becomes a valuable tool.

Read this post to learn about changing pace.


Last month we read screenplays. This month we’re watching movies. Find movies with great slow-motion scenes. Google will bring up great examples, but some I can think of include Hurt locker, Matrix, Robert Downey Jnr’s Sherlock Holmes series. YouTube will show you the slow-motion clips if you search for them.


Once you have watched slow motion clips in the movies try to write those scenes. Slow it way down. Describe every moment. Once you have done that, do the opposite with the same scene. Speed it up. How will you describe Neo’s moves if it happened at double speed?

I hope this will inspire you to change pace in your stories.

31 Writing Prompts For July 2022

Writers Write Prompts July 2022

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 30th June 2022