31 Writing Prompts For January 2022

31 Writing Prompts For January 2022

Writers Write shares writing prompts and writing resources. Use these writing prompts for January 2022 to get you writing.

So, it turns out that you have to actually write if you want to finish your book. Gosh, darn it. Who knew? Hehe. We all knew, but we still try to convince ourselves that there’s some secret system or magic device we need that’ll make it easier. Words are all we need. Preferably on the page in some kind of order. It’s that simple.

How will we do this?

Write a little bit every day. There’s a quote that sums it up well. ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’
Break your writing into chunks. Writing 80 000 words can feel overwhelming but writing 300 – 500 words per day feels doable. If the idea of a specific word count feels daunting don’t set a specific number. Just set a timer and write for the entire time. There is no magic here.

I set a timer for seven minutes. Once the timer starts I must write. I usually end up with 300 – 500 words. Some days that is all I write, other days it is my warm-up. You need discipline to write every day. Write first thing. Make an appointment. Write during lunch or before bedtime. Most advice given states it should be the first thing you do in the day, but if your life doesn’t allow for that write whenever you can.

Craft book: 5,000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox.

This book is an interesting and quick read if you would like to increase your daily word count. You may not reach the full 5000 words per hour but perhaps it can help you to reach 1000 or 2000.

Happy New Year. If you show up to the page your story will not disappoint you.

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31 Writing Prompts For January 2022

Writers Write Prompts January 2022

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 by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 1st January 2022