31 Writing Prompts For May 2022

31 Writing Prompts For May 2022

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This year we are using our daily prompts to improve our writing. This month it is all about viewpoint.

Let’s Practise

Working with viewpoint

Viewpoint affects every part of your story. It dictates who tell the story, what they know and how they reveal it to the reader. The character you choose to tell your story is the filter you put over it. The events they experience are tainted or informed by their experiences and biases.

In the broadest terms we divide viewpoint into four categories:

First Person

This can be a single viewpoint character or multiple first person viewpoint characters. This is especially popular in YA and is making more head way in other genres.

Second Person

In terms of distance this viewpoint lets you get up close and personal. This viewpoint is a challenge. It’s great for short stories. Not easy, but not impossible for a whole novel.

Third Person

This is the most common viewpoint to use, although first person is becoming more popular. It allows the reader to be further away from the story, but if you use third person attached you are closer than a narrator, but a little more comfortable than first or second.


This is the ’teller’. The teller can be known or unknown. They can be part of the story or outside it. The can observe the events and relay them without opinion or they can allow their own opinions to colour the story. They can also know everything.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to viewpoint. It comes down weighing up the pros and cons and deciding what you want to achieve.

Read this post to learn about viewpoint.

Craft book: My friend Anthony Ehlers told me about this book and I love it.  Points of View by James Moffett and Kenneth R. McElheny


Use the prompt to write a story and then play with the viewpoint. Viewpoint can be done with the typical first, second and third viewpoints. You can use diary entries, zoom in on a story and then then next day you can zoom out. Change viewpoint characters: write the story from the protagonist’s viewpoint and then from the antagonist’s. Write the same story in all the different viewpoints and take note of the changes.

31 Writing Prompts For May 2022

Writers Write Prompts May 2022

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 1st May 2022