Fictional Pillars For Writers

Fictional Pillars For Writers

In this post, we share links to our posts on the most important fictional pillars for writers.

We have been writing posts that include the most important pillars in fiction for a while. In this post, we’ve included links to all of them. The pillars are sorted by genre and we will be adding to this post as we add more ‘pillars’ posts in the future.

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This is a great resource for anybody who wants to try to write in a specific genre. Use it as a checklist to see if you’re including the most important things in your story.

What Is A Pillar?

In this context it is ‘a basic part or feature’ of a type of story. When writing in a specific genre, it is an integral part of that genre. It must be there. Readers who choose your books will read them because they are expecting a certain type of novel.

For example, in our Romance Pillars post, the pillars are: 1) the couple, 2) the obstacles, 3) the romantic arc, and 4) the lover’s sacrifice.

In each article, we include the pillars, explain them, and give examples that will help you write in that genre.

Fictional Pillars

These are the articles we have completed in the series to date:

  1. The 3 Pillars Of Horror
  2. The 4 Pillars Of Fantasy
  3. The 4 Pillars Of Romance
  4. The 5 Pillars Of Family Sagas
  5. The 5 Pillars Of Thrillers
  6. The 4 Pillars Of Literary Fiction
  7. The 4 Pillars Of Science Fiction
  8. The 5 Pillars Of Police Procedurals
  9. The 4 Pillars Of New Adult Fiction
  10. The 4 Pillars Of A Memoir
  11. The 5 Pillars Of Action-Adventure
  12. The 4 Pillars Of Magic Realism

Use them to make writing in your chosen genre easier.

The Last Word

We will continue adding ‘Pillars’ posts to this list. Look out for more by subscribing to our FREE Daily Writing Links.

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 by Amanda Patterson
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Posted on: 25th October 2021