Writers Write Gift Vouchers

Writers Write Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a unique, personal, and possibly life-changing gift for somebody who wants to write? Our Writers Write Gift Vouchers may be the solution for you.

If you think they want to explore the world of writing, buy one of our writing courses or workbooks as a gift.

How do I buy a Writers Write gift voucher?

Step One

  1. Please send an email to news@writerswrite.co.za with the name of the course or workbook you are interested in (they are listed below).
  2. We will send you a link to the outline. Please read it and see if it is what you want to buy.

Step Two

  1. If you decide to buy a voucher, send us the name of the course or workbook as well as the details of the person receiving the voucher. Mail it to news@writerswrite.co.za
  2. We will send you payment details.
  3. When we receive payment, we will issue an official Writers Write gift voucher, which you will receive via email. We will issue a coupon code for online courses or workbooks with the voucher.

Step Three

  1. You can print this voucher and give it to them or simply email it to them.
  2. They will then redeem their voucher, following the instructions we include with the coupon.
  3. The vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue.

All The Workbooks

Workbooks cost $20 each.

  1. Hooked On Writing: Form a writing habit in 31 days.
  2. The Character Creation Kit: Create charismatic characters.
  3. Novel Writing Exercises: Improve your elements of fiction writing.
  4. How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories: Learn the art of showing in short stories (and novels).
  5. Visual Storytelling: Find your unique visual storytelling voice.
  6. Setting Up The Setting: Set up the setting in your stories.
  7. The 6 Sub-Plots Workbook: Create compelling sub-plots.
  8. The Complete Grammar Workbook: Learn everything you need to know about English grammar.
  9. The Report Writing Workbook: Learn how to write reports and proposals.
  10. Short Story Checklist Workbook: Use it to check and perfect your short story.

All The Courses

  1. Secrets Of A Memoirist ONLINE – How to write a memoir | $249
  2. Short Cuts ONLINE – How to write a short story | $199
  3. Kids Etc. ONLINE – How to write for children | $199
  4. The Script ONLINE – How to write a screenplay | $299
  5. Writers Write ONLINE – How to write a book | $599
  6. This Kiss ONLINE – How to write a romance novel | $299
  7. The Complete Blogging Course ONLINE – How to blog | $599

If you need to know anything else, please send an email to news@writerswrite.co.za

Posted on: 26th November 2015