Setting Up The Setting Workbook


If you want to create the best settings in your books, buy our Setting Up The Setting Workbook to make your stories come to life.

Setting Up The Setting – The Setting Workbook

In this workbook, we’ll discuss the main elements that make up setting and how to use them.

Knowing how to write a good setting is important for any writer. Setting forms the backdrop of your story, but it is also so much more than that.

When setting is done right, it is so integral to the story that we get lost in a place beyond the physical. We can live with the hobbits in the Shire, or float on a barge on the Seine, or flounce around in ballgowns in a royal court.

You do need amazing characters, a thrilling plot, and an epic story goal for a good story, but the one thing that holds it all together is the setting. We want to know where it is happening.

This workbook with its lessons, examples, and exercises will teach you all you need to know about setting.

The Setting Workbook

About The Workbook

This is an easy-to-download workbook to help you learn about setting. It is a companion set of exercises that complement our Writers Write – How to write a book course. If you want to learn how to write a novel, please sign up for that course.

The Objectives Of This Workbook

  1. To define setting in a novel.
  2. To explain the elements of setting.
  3. To learn how to apply these to your story.

What you get:

  1. A PDF workbook with the collected lessons.
  2. Added space to work in the workbook.
  3. 7 powerful lessons.

The lessons include:

Theory, exercises, techniques, and examples.

What materials do I need?

  1. You need a device, like a phone, a tablet, or a computer, and access to the internet.
  2. If you want to print it, you need access to a printer or print shop.
  3. When you do the exercises, we encourage you to write by hand as much as possible, but, you are welcome to use any tool or material that you are comfortable with. No two methods, or two writers, are the same.

How do I complete the workbook?

  1. Download and print the workbook.(If you want to.)
  2. Set aside a time to read the lesson every day.
  3. Work from the workbook.
  4. Read the lessons, absorb the theory, and take note of the examples.
  5. Complete the exercises.

How much is it?


How to access your workbook:

  1. Go to the shop.
  2. Choose Setting Up The Setting.
  3. Add to basket.
  4. View basket.
  5. Pay: $20
  6. Create an account. Make sure to check this option.
  7. Your purchase and details will be confirmed.
  8. If you want to download the course content online go to: My Account

You will be able to access the workbook from there. Click on its name and it will begin to download.

Have fun and happy writing!

Refund Policy: Our workbooks are non-refundable. Once the workbook is accessed/downloaded, no refund will be granted regardless of the reason.

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