Writers Talk 2: Writing A Book In A Year

Writers Talk 2 | Writing A Book In A Year

Welcome to our new podcast series, Writers Talk. In our second podcast, we talk about writing a book in a year.

Writers Talk 2 | Writing A Book In A Year

It’s a new year and we all have new goals. Why not have one of them be writing a novel?

In this Writers Talk podcast, our hosts, Oliver Fox and Christopher Dean talk about writing a book in a year.

They talk about:

  1. Developing a writing habit.
  2. Planning out your novel.
  3. Getting it done!

They also tell you where to find some great resources as well as how famous authors write their own books.

What Is Writers Talk?

Writers Talk is the Writers Write podcast where our podcast hosts talk about everything to do with writers and writing.

The podcast is a more intimate setting that we will use to tell you how we feel about writing, books, and the authors that write them.

Why Should I Listen?

You should listen if you:

  1. Have an interest in writing and books and want to expand your knowledge.
  2. Just want to listen to an interesting conversation about a fascinating person or subject.

How Can I Get Writers Talk?

To get this podcast, simply press play below:

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We hope you enjoy the show, and please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section.

The Podcast Hosts

Oliver Fox earned his BA in Creative Writing from the University of Memphis (’15) and his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Orleans (’21). He has worked as an editorial assistant for The Pinch literary journal (’16) and as a manuscript analyst for The Spun Yarn. He is a regular contributor to Writers Write and the author of The Fantasy WorkbookRead his blogs here and listen to his podcasts here.

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 Christopher Luke Dean writes and facilitates for Writers Write. Follow him on Twitter: @ChrisLukeDean

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The Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this podcast where our writers talk about writing a book in a year. Look out for the next one in the series by subscribing to our Daily Writing Links. If you’re looking for a community to support you, please read: Can You Write 52 Scenes In 52 Weeks?

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Posted on: 22nd January 2021

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  1. It’s really helpful to know about writing a book. I was trying to write since I was in college but never completed a book. Now I am gonna give it one more try. Thanks for sharing.

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