Writers Talk 11 - The 8 Elements Of Setting

Writers Talk 11 | The 8 Elements Of Setting

Welcome to our podcast series, Writers Talk. In our eleventh podcast, we talk about the eight elements of setting.

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Writers Talk 11 | The 8 Elements Of Setting

This week Christopher Dean is talking with Mia Botha from deadlinesforwriters.com about the elements of setting.

Mia also facilitates courses and writes weekly blog posts for Writers Write. She has published the Setting Up The Setting Workbook

We discuss:

  1. The eight elements of setting.
  2. Why setting is fundamental to your story.
  3. Why you need to include all the elements of setting.
  4. Why setting is not just for Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Suggested resource:

  1. The Setting Up The Setting Workbook – This workbook with its lessons, examples, and exercises will teach you all about the eight elements of setting.

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The Podcast Hosts

Christopher :Luke Dean Christopher Luke Dean writes and facilitates for Writers Write. Follow him on Twitter: @ChrisLukeDean

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Mia Botha Mia Botha is an author, writing coach, short story expert, and the creator of the Deadlines For Writers website. She is the author of a number of workbooks on writing, including the Setting Up The Setting Workbook and her latest, The Dialogue Workbook.

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The Last Word

We hope you enjoyed this podcast where our writers talked about the elements of setting. Look out for the next one in the series by subscribing to our Daily Writing Links.

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Posted on: 26th August 2021