How To Write Successful Scenes

Book are made up of scenes. Most beginner writers forget this. They tend to start writing an essay instead. On average, you will need 60 scenes in your novel.  An average scene is 1500 words. Do you have 60 separate, connected scenes that will show your story?

We hope this infographic helps you structure your scenes more easily.

Source for Infographic

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  1. Andrew Welsh

    Very interesting and helpful. However, it doesn’t seem to address filler scenes. I’m currently working on something and there are necessary scenes that I don’t feel fit into Action, ReAction, or Combo. Such as two characters having dinner, but one isn’t a part of the main storyline (yet). The scene is just to build character and such.

  2. Claudia E.

    I like this – it’s a great resource. Would be nice to print out and keep handy for review.

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