Black Friday Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Black Friday – Buy Three Workbooks & Get One Free

We have an awesome offer on our writing workbooks. From 24-28 November 2023, buy three and get one free.

It’s Black Friday and it’s time for those writers who want to buy more than one or two workbooks to take advantage of this special offer.

We have a selection of creative writing and business writing workbooks for you.

From 24-28 November 2023, you can buy three writing workbooks and get one free.

  1. Each workbook is $20. You would normally pay $80 for four workbooks. With this offer, you will pay $60.
  2. Choose four and only pay for three. (If you buy eight, you only pay for six. If you buy 12, you only pay for nine.)

How To Do It

Please proceed in this order:

  1. Visit our shop.
  2. Add the workbooks to your basket.
  3. View basket.
  4. Proceed to checkout.
  5. Pay.
  6. Create an account. (Please don’t forget to do this – when you pay.)
  7. Your purchase and details will be confirmed.
  8. Download your four workbooks here: My Account

Our Workbooks:

Please click on the products to find out more about each workbook.

Creative Writing Workbooks

  1. The Viewpoint Workbook: Learn how to use point of view
  2. The Fantasy Workbook: Learn how to write in the fantasy genre.
  3. The Dialogue Workbook: Learn how to write brilliant dialogue.
  4. The Novel Writing Exercises Workbook: Improve your elements of fiction writing.
  5. Hooked On Writing: Form a writing habit in 31 days.
  6. Write Your Novel In A Year Workbook: Learn how to write your novel in a year.
  7. How To Show And Not Tell: Learn the art of showing in short stories (and novels).
  8. The 6 Sub-Plots: Create compelling sub-plots in your stories.
  9. The Character Creation Kit: Create charismatic characters.
  10. Visual Storytelling: Find your unique, visual storytelling voice.
  11. Setting Up The Setting In Your Novel: Create fabulous settings in your stories.
  12. Short Story Checklist Workbook: Check and perfect your short story.
  13. The 365 Writing Prompts Workbook: How to use writing prompts (includes 365 prompts).
  14. The Complete Grammar Workbook: Everything you need to know about English grammar.

Business Writing Workbooks

  1. The Complete Grammar Workbook: Everything you need to know about English grammar.
  2. The Complete Email Workbook: Write effective, professional emails.
  3. The Report Writing Workbook: How to write reports and proposals.

Please make your purchases by 28 November 2023 to qualify for the offer.

Posted on: 24th November 2023

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