A Quick-Start Guide For Beating Writer’s Block

A Quick Start Guide For Beating Writer’s Block

Are you stuck with your writing? In this post, we offer you a quick start guide for beating writer’s block.

Sometimes we are so ready to write. We have our coffee, we have our computer, and we have finally made some time. We sit down and we’re ready, but then…nothing. Not a word. Could this be writer’s block? It’s like every single idea, every coherent thought has escaped us. Now what?

I have a little trick that helps me. It’s rather simple really. I try to use opposites and I switch whatever I am doing around.

A Quick Start Guide For Beating Writer’s Block

  1. Prompts: I love using prompts, but sometimes the prompt isn’t sparking anything for me and then I flip it around. If the prompt is ‘truth’ I write about lies. If the prompt is ‘light’ I write about dark. (Tip: Don’t google prompts. Buy a prompt book, or have a list printed out for emergencies, or sign up for the daily writing prompt.)
  2. Viewpoint Character: If the current viewpoint character isn’t co-operating, I change them. Who else is in the scene or who else is affected by the scene? It’s like putting the camera in a different corner of the room.
  3. Genre: This is fun. If I am writing a bloody crime scene and it’s not working, I try changing genres for a few minutes. I try writing the same scene as a goofy comedy or a weird romantic scene. It’s most likely not something that will make it into my novel, but it does get the ball rolling.
  4. Setting: A change of location can help. If your character is in a new place, try writing a scene where the character is super familiar with the surroundings and vice versa. You’ll figure out what your character notices. (Tip: If you’re looking for help with setting, buy The Setting Workbook.)
  5. Beginning Or End: Change the order of the scenes you are writing. If you are stuck in the beginning, jump ahead, and write a scene that comes near the end. It’s not cast in stone. You can always change it later, but it will help you to get going and you might learn something about your character and your plot.

The Last Word

I hope this quick start guide for beating writer’s block helps. You are going to get stuck at some point with your writing. Don’t despair. It is normal. Switching things around in your story will help you to see it in a different way and gives you a break while still getting something done. Remember to have fun.

Mia Botha by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 31st August 2021