4 Viewpoint Choices For Writers

A View To A Skill – 4 Viewpoint Choices For Writers

Writers Write is a writing resource. In this post, we look at the 4 viewpoint choices for writers.

For most writers, viewpoint is instinctive. We tend to use the viewpoint we are most comfortable with. Take a look at your favourite books, the ones you tend to reread. Chances are you will write in the same viewpoint they are written in.

Primarily, viewpoint is a matter of distance. The closer you get to the reader the closer you are to engaging the reader’s emotions and creating a mood. Viewpoint can become overwhelming and complicated, but if you keep it simple and if you are consistent, you’ll be fine.

 4 Viewpoint Choices For Writers

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  1. Tracy

    Thank you for the compact explanation.

  2. Mia Botha

    It is a pleasure, Tracy.

  3. S.Ramalingam

    Writing in first ,second or third person, it all depends upon the subject one handles.If a person narrates his own experience, then the first person is the ideal choice.If you write anything with a volley of instructions to your reader, say in a ‘to do’ article, second person is the best choice.If a story has more than two or three characters, or if an article demands the writings of a third party observer, the third person is the best choice.

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