Why Do Writers Fail To Finish Their Books?

Why Do Writers Fail To Finish Their Books?

In this post, we ask and answer the question: why do writers fail to finish their books?

When we started the 52 Scenes Challenge in January this year, a group of writers set off with hope in their hearts, a glimmer of their story idea, and a whole lot of determination. At the end of December, 46 of those writers will finish their books.

The internet says around 80% of Americans want to write a book. If so many writers want to do it, why do so many fail, and how did these writers succeed?

Writers abandon their books for many reasons, but with 52 Scenes we’ve found a way to help combat the three most common reasons. Let’s discuss them:

Why Do Writers Fail To Finish Their Books?

1. They Try To Write Alone.

Somewhere along the line, we were brainwashed to believe that we have to be miserable and lonely to write a book. That is not the case. A writing community will help you, encourage you and the people who write with you ultimately become your biggest fans. Every writer is unique, but we all have the same worries, fears, and problems. Surround yourself with people who are rooting for you and for your characters.

2. They Take On A Very Big Project Without Any Planning Or Routine.

Plotting helps, but if you don’t plot you at least need a plan. It’s also important to understand that there are many ways to plot, and it does not mean that you have to have every single scene planned out. For this challenge, all you have to do is submit one scene per week. The story will come. Or you can plot and plan as you see fit. As part of the 52 scenes community, we offer monthly classes to inspire you and teach you what you need to finally finish your book, and this includes learning how you write and what your strengths are.

It was Stephen King who said, ‘Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.’ When you have a weekly deadline, your routine will fall into place. We have writing sessions every Sunday to help with that. Every week you get to see your fellow writers via Zoom. We ask questions and help each other out of plot holes, but most importantly we set a timer and we write. The deadlines and the ticking clock make the scenes appear.

3. They Are Letting The Fear Win.

All writers are scared before they start a project. Writers who complete their work don’t let that fear stop them. I always tell my writers they should be scared because they’re about to ride a dragon, conquer a kingdom, get married, get divorced, find the fountain of youth, face their mortal enemy, move to another country, start a new job, or come face-to-face with a serial killer. In some cases, all of the above. We were scared to start, and we’re scared to finish. We’re scared about the rewrite, but we’re not letting the fear stop us.

To learn more about the challenge and about finishing a book click here.

Will you finally finish your book in 2022 or are you putting it off for another year?

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52 Scenes in 52 Weeks 52 Scenes in 52 Weeks

Mia Botha by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 17th December 2021