31 Writing Prompts For May 2023

31 Writing Prompts For May 2023

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It’s May. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but dang. It’s going so fast. This month, I want to talk about changing your habits and I’m still learning from James Clear.

In his book, Atomic HabitsJames Clear refers to the 3 R’s of habit change. It applies to good and bad habits, but let’s use it for good. We want to establish a writing routine. We want to build a habit of productivity. It’s a three-step process. The three R’s are Reminder, Routine, and Reward.

How do the three R’s work?

  1. Reminder: You need a trigger. Find a deadline. Set a daily reminder on your calendar or an alarm that signals your writing time.
  2. Routine: You write at a time you choose and in a space that you create. This can be at a desk with your notebook, in your bed with your computer or on the train with your phone. Choose either to write a certain number of words or set a timer. Start with a small, achievable goal and build up from there. The key is to make it a consistent practice.
  3. Reward: You get something for doing it. You can write down your word count every day and watch it grow. You can reward yourself with a sweet treat or another few pages of reading. Celebrate your progress.

By consistently applying the three R’s, you can establish a writing routine that becomes automatic and easy to maintain over time. Make it work for you.

Homework: Use the three R’s to set up your writing routine.

31 Writing Prompts For May 2023

31 Writing Prompts For May 2023

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 1st May 2023