31 Writing Prompts For January 2023

31 Writing Prompts For January 2023

Writers Write shares writing prompts and writing resources. Use these writing prompts for January 2023 to get you writing.

The new year is here, and we’ve all been flooded with ‘new year, new me’ posts and I don’t want to add to that chaos, but it is time to pay attention to your new goals. For some writers, it works to shout your plans from the roof tops, but for me it is the ‘quiet goals’ that I tend to achieve. By quiet goals, I mean the ones I set for my myself without big announcements and a lot of fanfare. It helps me to manage the pressure. But find what works for you.

Set your goals 

Last month we spoke about goal setting. If you haven’t set your goals yet, please go back and read the December post. Start with the big picture stuff and reverse engineer your goals into a series of actionable ‘small steps’.

Keeping track 

I also suggested that you read Atomic Habits by James Clear. He speaks about the importance of making your goals, and especially your progress, visible. Every small step that you complete needs to be a small celebration that you mark and take note of. Think of it as the ‘compound interest’ of daily habits.

Get your downloadable tracker here: Writers Write Daily Writing Tracker

I have made a downloadable tracker for 2023. There is a block for every day. Every time you complete a prompt, or reach your desired word count, or spent the required time writing you can fill the square. You can make a black cross, fill the square with a brightly coloured marker or stick a tiny star over the block. Anything that helps you mark your progress.

Not planning to write every day? 

You can still use the planner if you don’t plan to write every day. You may be planning on writing three days a week instead of every day. Simply use a different colour to block out the days you don’t plan to write. Leave your writing days blank until you have reached your desired word count for that day. 

31 Writing Prompts For January 2023

31 Writing Prompts For January 2023

Download your prompts here: January 2023 Writing Prompts

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 1st January 2023