100 Iconic Love Stories From Around the World

100 Iconic Love Stories From Around The World

Valentine’s Day is here. What better way to get into the mood than by reading some of the most romantic books from around the world?

Global English Editing has compiled a tantalising selection of romantic books plucked from 100 different countries. Some titles may already be familiar to you, while others will be new territory for you to explore.

While love is a universal human emotion, it’s interesting to see how love is expressed in different cultures and places. Some of these stories have a happy ending, while others do not. As we all know, relationships are complicated, and some people may need to work on their relationships and work on themselves. Characters in a love story are no different.

But as Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

With this delightful infographic, we wish you Happy Valentine’s Day!

100 Iconic Love Stories From Around the World

Source for infographic: Global English Editing

by Sierra Delarosa, Content Manager

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Posted on: 14th February 2019

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