Valentine's Day For Writers

Valentine’s Day For Writers

Some say it’s a feast day for florists. For others, it’s the day to celebrate love. St. Valentine’s Day is also a great day to write! Here’s lots of inspiration for you.

Valentine’s Day For Writers

Every year, on the 14 February, people all around the world celebrate their loved ones. They might send anonymous cards declaring their love for the first time. They might buy their partner’s favourite confectionery or some flowers.

The nice thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s not limited to sexual love. A day before, on the 13 February, you can celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ with your BFF (no, it doesn’t have to be a ‘gal’). Children may write a card to their grandparents, and an uncle may write about his nephew. It doesn’t matter which kind of love you feel, or who you’re in love with. Valentine’s Day is the day for all people with love in their hearts.

This makes it also the perfect day to express your love with a card, a poem, a scribbled message on a sticky note, or even an elaborate short story. And we’re here to provide you with some ideas.

3 Tips For Writing A Valentine

Love is such a grand topic, there are a gazillion texts already written. It’s hard to come up with something original. Why don’t you try these three tips to get you pointed in the right direction?

  • Make it small. 

It’s hard to compete with the greatest poets of all time writing about the greatest topic ever. The grand scale is frightening. Think in the other direction. Choose one thing to write about. One thing and what it means right now, in this moment, in this corner of the world where you’re at. Show how such a small detail can mean so much. This article explains more about the ways you can write about love.

  • Make it personal.

Nobody can imagine what Love (with a capital L!) means to all mankind. But you can talk about what it means to you. Be as ruthlessly personal as you can. It will bring a kind of honesty to your Valentine that will be irresistible.

  • Show (don’t tell!) emotion.

Any emotion is all-encompassing, grand, and almost impossible to comprehend. But if you show how that emotion translates into small actions, how it moves you to do and think new things, and how it changes you, then that is showing at its best. Any reader will understand what love means to you. A great way to include more showing is by using dialogue.

All set? Ready to write? But you still need an idea of what to write about.

10 Writing Prompts For Valentine’s Day

  1. Small people, big emotions. Write about a kindergarten crush, a favourite plush animal, or an imaginary friend.
  2. Lonely Heart. Write a Valentine to someone who hardly gets noticed, like the homeless woman on the street, the dustman, or the lady cleaning the aisles in your supermarket.
  3. Reverse Valentine. Write a Valentine’s message to an ex-lover. Explain why splitting up was the greatest act of love.
  4. Love Grid. Make a concrete poem shaped like a grid listing all the people you can love on the vertical axis and the many ways they express their love for you on the horizontal. See if the grid inspires you to fill in the squares with ways how you can return their love.
  5. A Gift Challenging Your Love. Let’s say, you receive something utterly unromantic as a Valentine’s gift, for example, a vacuum cleaner. Can you think of an explanation for why this is romance in disguise?
  6. A Person Challenging Your Love. Write a love poem to the police officer who just gave you a ticket.
  7. Valentine Hater Writes A Valentine. You don’t like the feast day and yet you write a Valentine’s card to your lover.
  8. Valentine’s Day In The Year 3015. Earth is a barren desert planet. Without flowers, chocolates, or greeting cards. How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  9. Sudden Conversion. Write a story about someone who hates Valentine’s Day. How can that person be turned into a fan?
  10. Love’s Hidden Language. Think of all the small ways you and your partner express your love. Do you make toast for your partner? Does your partner vacuum your car for you? Then write a poem going through an average day and describe how these little tokens of love show up here and there.

If you’re ready to expand your Valentine’s text, poem or story into a full-fledged novel, Writers Write has many blog posts on the subject of romance. How about you start with this one? Please read about the 4 Pillars Of Romance.

The Last Word

True love can express itself in many ways – so who’s to say what is right and what is wrong? Expressing your feelings is an incredible act of courage! So, anything you write for Valentine’s Day is more than a token of your love. It is also a symbol of how brave a writer you are.

So, take heart and write that Valentine. I hope these 13 ideas can help you to celebrate. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Susanne Bennett

By Susanne Bennett. Susanne is a German-American writer who is a journalist by trade and a writer by heart. After years of working at German public radio and an online news portal, she has decided to accept challenges by Deadlines for Writers. Currently she is writing her first novel with them. She is known for overweight purses and carrying a novel everywhere. Follow her on Facebook.

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Posted on: 12th February 2024