10 Mantras To Make You Grow As A Writer

10 Mantras To Make You Grow As A Writer

If you’re struggling to find your writing rhythm, try these 10 mantras to make you grow as a writer.

In order of importance, these 10 mantras are guaranteed to make you grow as a writer and karate chop any writers block.

(P.S. This is a fun post. Please don’t take this as gospel.)

10 Mantras To Make You Grow As A Writer

1. Read a new book every week.

A writer must fill themselves with so many words that they eventually spill out onto new pages. Read: Why You Need To Read More Books

2. Write at least 400 words worth of creative writing each day.

Come hell or high water a real writer writes every day. Most of them have a word count.

Terry Pratchett wrote 60 books. He wrote 400 words the day his father died, and 400 words the day his daughter was born, and another 400 words the day he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Writers write.

3. Learn new things.

You can only write about interesting things if you know about them first. Why should anyone read your work if you have nothing to say?

4. Set aside a couple of hours just to write.

Writing needs time. It needs time that is just for writing. Create a writing habit.

5. When you are writing, put your phone away, turn off the radio, and just work.

Because we are easily distracted and easily bored, we need to make writing the most interesting thing we can do.

Neil Gaiman only allows himself to do two things at his writing desk. Nothing or write. When presented with nothing, writing is always the most interesting option.

6. Always write at the same time each day.

Your mind develops habits and routines only by consistent predictable repetition. Write every day at the same time. After a month it will be harder not to write than to write at that time. See Hooked On Writing for more information.

7. Spend an equal amount of time writing and thinking about what you are going to write.

Know where you are going. It will prevent you from wasting time later. Nurture your creativity in writing.

8. Don’t force yourself to write something you hate.

Don’t write something just because you think you have to. The fact that you did not like writing it will show. Even if it doesn’t, you will never be proud of it.

9. Write with the conviction that you deserve to be read.

We write to be read. It is an act of exposure. Learn to delight in criticism because it means someone took the time to disagree with something you wrote.

10. Learn that sometimes you can’t fix it.

Sometimes, it’s simply a bad piece of writing and it can’t be fixed.

If the idea is good, just start again. It’s not your PHD thesis, but even then…

Now, say your mantras and write your writings.

If you want to create a writing habit, look at our Hooked On Writing workbook.

Written by Christopher Luke Dean (Zen Monk of Writers Write)

Christopher writes and facilitates for Writers Write. Follow him on Twitter: @ChrisLukeDean

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Posted on: 21st August 2020