which country reads the most?

Which Country Reads The Most?

Do you want to know which country reads the most? Use this infographic to find out.

A Guide to Global Reading Habits

“People read books not only for knowledge, but also for entertainment and as therapy. Since the printing press was invented in the 15th century, books have intrigued populations worldwide. The best-selling book of all time is Cervantes’ Don Quixote, originally published in 1605.

The countries that spend the most hours per week reading are India, Thailand, and China. South Africa ranks somewhat near the middle, with an average of 6.3 hours spent reading each week.

The US spends even less hours reading than South Africa, with 27% of Americans not reading a single book in the last year. This percentage
compares almost identically to the Vietnamese, 26% of which do not read books. However, the United States dominates the world book publishing market when it comes to the total amount of sales.

E-books are increasing in presence, as more people are opting for digital readers instead of paper books. Sales in e-books are projected to rise. For instance, Amazon already stocks 4.9 million e-book titles in its catalogue.

The reading habits of the world have been researched by Global English Editing , and you can learn even more interesting facts on the topic in the infographic below.”

by Sierra Delarosa

which country reads the most?

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Posted on: 28th May 2017