The Writers Write Book Reading Challenge – 2

The Writers Write Book Reading Challenge – 2

Are you looking for a way to choose books to read for the year ahead. In this post, we give you a book reading challenge to complete.

This is our second Book Reading Challenge. You can look at our first one here.

Doesn’t it still feel like it’s still 2020?

Regardless of the savage advance of time and its careless disregard for our schedules, 2022 is upon us.

With that in mind, dear readers, it is time to challenge yourself with new, interesting reading experiences.

And to ensure that you don’t just end up reading in your comfort zone for all of 2022, here is a fun reading challenge for every month of the year!

The Writers Write Book Reading Challenge 2022

  1. January: Read a book with Gold or Silver Leaf on the jacket. For example, Dragon Keeper by Robin Hobb
  2. February: Ask your best friend to lend you their favourite book.
  3. March: Read only books where the authors have two or more single letters in their names. For example, J.R.R. ; George R.R.; J.K.
  4. April: Pick a book you find in a horizontally stacked pile on the floor of a used book store.
  5. May: Swap a book with your mom or dad, son or daughter. (Or any other relative from a different generation to you,)
  6. June: Read the second book in a series followed by the first. For example, The Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson.
  7. July: Read a book that has been adapted into a movie. For example, Dune by Frank Herbert.
  8. August: Make a list of six books and roll a die to decide what to read. You can use Amazon’s Top Sellers to make this list if you want to.
  9. September: Read the first book you see being promoted on a news channel after 9pm.
  10. October: Read a book translated from a language that ends in ‘-ese’. For example Japanese, Klingonese, Taiwanese.
  11. November: Read a book with a Star Sign name in the title. For example, The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.
  12. December: Read a book that features a hobby you enjoy. Like Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday.


1. How Long Does It Take To Read A Book?

According to Amazon Kindle most people read for an hour or less a day. So if you read 2-3 chapters in this time it will take you about a week to 10 days to read a book.

So, remember to plan to have enough books to keep reading for the whole month and so that you finish the old challenge before the next begins!

2. Can’t Afford To Buy All Those Books?

Both the Kindle and Apple stores have a library of free ebooks you can read. You can also use Project Gutenburg, which is a library of 60 000 free books and audio books!

And, of course your local used book store and long suffering book lending friends will be valuable resources as well.

3. What Should I Keep In Mind?

Have fun and remember every book read is a new life lived. So, they might as well be varied!

Good reading and I hope you enjoy your next year of reading challenges.

Christopher :Luke Dean Written by Christopher Luke Dean

Christopher Luke Dean writes and facilitates for Writers Write. Follow him on Twitter: @ChrisLukeDean

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Posted on: 3rd January 2022

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