7 Ways Reading Books Helps Managers Improve Their Perception

In this post, we look at ways reading books help managers improve their perception.

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Reading a book is an almost forgotten pastime. So many people use the internet for information and immerse themselves in social media. In many ways, technology has taken over our free time. Unfortunately, this type of reading does not offer the same benefits as immersing yourself in a good book, without distractions.

7 Ways Reading Books Helps Managers Improve Their Perception

Research suggests that reading a book can have many positive effects on your life, including the seven listed below:

  1. Increased intelligence. Reading a wide range of material will improve your vocabulary and force you to think more.  The result of this is that your brain is used more and just like any muscle, it becomes stronger.  Reading books will improve your mental abilities and reduce the likelihood of age related mental issues.
  2. Reduced levels of stressReading is the ultimate stress reducer. Whilst you are reading you become immersed in the world you are reading about. The real world is forgotten as your forge your way forward alongside the hero of your book. Reading makes you sit still and this can be an excellent way of controlling anxiety and nervous energy. It focuses your mind and stops you from being easily distracted.
  3. Improving your analytical abilities. A recently discovered side effect of reading more was that, as your mental abilities become sharper so does your ability to perform analytical thinking. People who read regularly spot patterns more quickly.
  4. Diversifying your vocabulary. It makes sense that the more you read the more words you will be exposed to. Reading increases your vocabulary and your ability to use these words correctly in a sentence and during conversation. Regular readers can astound others with their knowledge of vocabulary. Every writer has a different style and reading will show you the common threads that hold language together whilst providing space for the writer to show their own individuality. This provides a new range of words to every reader. This is particularly important if you are a business manager in charge of all kinds of tasks and company-related endeavours; extending your vocabulary will allow you to expand and improve your writing and speech too. You’ll appear well versed in front of your employees and they’ll develop the utmost respect for you.
  5. Boosting your memory. Although there is limited research into the effect of reading on memory, it is likely that the more you read the better your memory will be. This is because reading stimulates the brain and forces it to remember the story, especially if you have to put your book down frequently.  This memory practice will extend into your everyday life and it is likely that your memory will improve.
  6. Improving writing skills. Reading how other writers put together their words and their stories will allow you to explore new ways of doing so. It is easy to stay in the same rut, writing the same types of text, but when you expose yourself to other writing styles it is inevitable that your own will change and improve. The same theory is used in art; students will copy the great masterpieces to get a feel for the style and flow of a painting. Business people should study the greats to improve their own techniques and ensure their company’s success.
  7. Providing a perfect escape for your daily routine. Reading provides an escape from the real world, a chance to de-stress and leave your problems behind. However, it also provides the opportunity to explore your options.  By escaping the mundane events that happen every day, you are free to consider what you really want from life. You may surprise yourself! By opening up your mind, you will find the same dreams keep returning and you will then need to find the confidence to follow this through.

It is surprisingly easy to find time to read every day. If you think about your average day, there will be a time when you sit in front of the television or flake with a drink. These are ideal times to start reading; once you start, you will want to do it more. If you’re a business individual with little time to spare, opt for e-books. As an entrepreneur, you most likely own an iPad.

Put it to good use every now and then, and take some time off your daily routine to cuddle up with a good book to free your mind and spirit.

by Christopher Austin and LoveReading.co.uk!

Posted on: 8th April 2016

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