10 Perfect Writing Prompts For Christmas

10 Perfect Writing Prompts For Christmas

It does not matter if you love or loathe the Christmas holidays. Either way, they present wonderful opportunities for writers. We’ve included 10 perfect prompts for Christmas to kick-start your writing.

Think about it. There is so much to use as fodder for a book, including family angst, holiday traditions, and religious rituals. The heightened emotions of the season are perfect for exploring emotions like happiness, anger, loss, love, and jealousy.

Eavesdropping is recommended. And it is a feast for the senses. Writing about the food and the seasons is a gift for storytellers.

10 Perfect Writing Prompts For Christmas

Here are 10 Christmas-themed prompts to get you started:

  1. Write a story about an outsider who spends Christmas with your family. Describe it through their eyes.
  2. Write about an annoying Christmas tradition that your family will not abandon. Why is it so important to them?
  3. Describe a Christmas ritual from the viewpoint of a child. Examples: wrapping gifts, carving the turkey, decorating the tree.
  4. Write about a character who is spending their first Christmas without a spouse or lover.
  5. Write about your favourite Christmas foods.
  6. Write about spending Christmas in a different hemisphere. Imagine how different your rituals would be if you celebrated in summer or winter. Think about the colours, smells, tastes, and sounds.
  7. Write about Christmas Past, Present, and Future.
  8. Write about Christmas Eve from the viewpoint of a pet.
  9. Write about a character who is carefully following a family recipe for a Christmas dish.
  10. Write a letter to Father Christmas.

Happy Holidays and Happy Writing!

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Posted on: 23rd December 2017