How To Write A Short Story - All The Tips You'll Ever Need

How To Write A Short Story – All The Tips You’ll Ever Need

Writers Write is a writing resource. In this post, we share links to all the tips you’ll ever need for writing your short stories.

On 12 January 2017, Mia Botha started writing about short stories when she created the 12 Short Stories Challenge.

Every week she wrote a post on the craft of penning a short story. We’ve put them together in one bumper post. If you want to write short stories, take some time to explore them.

[If you want to learn how to write a short story, sign up for our online course.]

Short Story Challenge – All The Posts On Craft

  1. 10 Awesome Reasons For Writing Short Stories
  2. What Exactly Is A Short Story And How Do I Know If I Am Writing One?
  3. The Complete Guide To Evaluating Your Short Story
  4. 40 Writing Competitions To Inspire You
  5. My Short Story Writing Process – In 12 Easy Steps
  6. Even Short Stories Need Goals
  7. Where Do You Start Your Short Story?
  8. Whose Story Is It Anyway? A 3-Step Process To Finding Out
  9. 4 Super Easy Ways To Create Characters For Short Stories
  10. 3 Important Points To Remember When Creating Antagonists In Short Stories
  11. 2 Types Of Conflict To Squeeze Into A Short Story
  12. How Much Story Do You Need In Your Short Story?
  13. 6 Top Tips To Write A Kick-Ass Short Story
  14. 12 Secrets To Help You Shorten Your Short Story
  15. 13 Tips To Help You Lengthen Your Short Story
  16. How To Make The Most Of Scenes In Short Stories
  17. How To Make The Most Of Sequels In Short Stories
  18. How To Learn From The Best Short Story Writers
  19. 5 Ways To Sneak Setting Into Short Stories
  20. How To Show And Not Tell In Short Stories
  21. 6 Ways To Experiment In Short Stories
  22. 14 Tips For Entering Short Story Competitions
  23. 4 Types Of Viewpoint To Consider In Short Stories
  24. 7 Points To Consider When You Choose A Tense For Your Short Story
  25. A Bit Of Love For Your Short-Story Telling Soul
  26. Silver Screen Inspiration For Short Story Writers
  27. Word Count Problems: What’s The Deal With ‘Exactly’?

Top Tip: If you want to learn how to write a short story, sign up for our online course.

 by Mia Botha

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