6 Ways To Experiment In Short Stories

6 Ways To Experiment In Short Stories

Writers Write creates writing resources and shares writing tips. In this post, we give you 6 ways to experiment in short stories.

One of the best things about a short story is that you have the opportunity to experiment. It gives you the chance to do something you have never done before.

Here is a list of suggestions if you want to try something different. You can use them for any story.

6 Ways To Experiment In Short Stories

  1. Change viewpoint: If you have been writing in the same viewpoint, try a completely different one.
  2. Dialogue only: Flex your dialogue muscles and see if you can tell a complete story with only dialogue.
  3. Descriptions and telling: I am a huge fan of showing, but I need to practise telling too. Try rewriting your story with telling only.
  4. Unreliable narrators and anti-heroes: Try writing a character who isn’t a perfect guy or a hero. If you always bad guys, try writing a story about a character with a very strong moral compass.
  5. Different genre: Pick a genre you have never written in before.
  6. Devices: Try adding a new element to your story. Thinks of speeches, emails, letters diary entries, songs, and recipes.

These are only a few suggestions and it will be tricky. You may not end up with your best story, but you will have learnt something new and done something different. This is about learning after all.

Happy writing!

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 by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 8th November 2017