31 Writing Prompts For July 2023

31 Writing Prompts For July 2023

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Here we go again. A new month means another 31 days, another 31 prompts and another 31 opportunities to write great stories. We’re still talking about Atomic Habits by James Clear and we’re applying it to creative writing.

This month I want to talk about making bad habits unattractive.

It seems so simple, but often we underestimate the power of the small changes. Just like you need to make it easy for yourself to do your writing you should make it hard for yourself to get distracted.

My biggest distractions are my phone and the internet. I pick up my phone for no reason and I google stuff and get sucked in by the black hole that is the internet. How can I combat this?

  1. My phone

I set the intention to write and decide on a time frame. For the duration of the writing session, I put my phone in flight mode, and I put it in the other room.

  1. The internet

The same goes for internet. I unplug my modem for the duration of the writing session. By unplug I mean I literally unplug it and put in a cupboard.

It seems ridiculous that I have to go to these lengths but that is how much of a problem my distractions are.

Another step:

Pay attention to when you stop writing. What are you feeling when you get distracted? Most of the time we experience some kind of frustration or discomfort. It could be because we need to make a decision in our story, or we need to find new ideas or we are confronting some big emotions. When it gets hard, we seek the path of least resistance. Remove the alternative option and keep yourself focussed on the task at hand.

Figure out what you turn to when you experience discomfort and put it out of reach.

31 Writing Prompts For July 2023

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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 2nd July 2023