30 Writing Prompts For April 2024

Writers Write shares writing prompts and writing resources. Use these writing prompts for April 2024 to get you writing.

Hello Writer

As I mentioned, we are going to use our prompts to practice our craft.

(NOTE: You will receive your monthly prompts as always, but this year I would like you to focus on specific aspects of your novel. This is, of course entirely, optional. You can also the prompts to free-write.)

The Love Interest

This month, I want you to focus on the love interest. This is the character who distracts the protagonist from their goal. They can also be the goal – think rescue stories. If you are not writing romance or have no romantic subplot you can use any character that your protagonist loves. It does not have to be a romantic or sexual relationship.

Use the prompts to spend time with this character. These are not necessarily scenes that will be used in your book, but rather scenes that will help you get to know your character.

Write about their childhoods, their lost loves, the trials and joys and challenges that made them who they are. This will add depth to your plot and character arc.


You can read more about the love interest here

Next month we get to hang out with the other characters.


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by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 1st April 2024