5 Ways For Writers To Conquer Frustration

5 Ways For Writers To Conquer Frustration

Writers Write is a writing resource, and in this post, we offer five ways for writers to conquer frustration.

Frustration is as much part of the writing process as the writing. Some days I feel like I am going crazy.

I have mentioned before that I underwrite. I have been working so hard at learning to write longer that I seem to losing my ability to write short. I used to be able to write a short story with relative ease. I loved it.

Now I write a short story and it’s well, blah. Stories that used to fit into a half-page now need explanations and backstory and longer descriptions. In short, it feels like when I try to fix one thing I break the part that was working.

When frustration has me banging my head on the keyboard, what do I do?

5 Ways For Writers To Conquer Frustration

  1. I’ll take a creative break. I’ll go for a walk, bake something, or build a fort. I’ll do something that isn’t writing-related for a while. Any creative outlet will work.
  2. I’ll try a writing prompt and concentrate on something I am succeeding with. If your dialogue is all sparkly, write more of it. If you are rocking your descriptions, describe away.
  3. You could go to the gym. I won’t, but you could.
  4. I’ll try changing something in the scene. Perhaps I’ll try a different viewpoint character or write the scene that comes after the one I am stuck on.
  5. I’ll read. I’ll go back to my old favourites and re-read the bits I love. Sentences that sing and words that create magic. Words that remind me why I want to do this.

Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t, but I always try because you never know. What do you do when you are stuck?

 by Mia Botha

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  1. Claire Atkinson

    Oh yes, thank you! I shut the computer down, go for a long walk with the
    dogs in the forest and block any thoughts other than being present in the
    moment. I find the frustration often occurs because in my mind I appear to
    have a whole lot of other stuff cluttering the process, and I need to get
    rid of it to regain focus. I also make lists!

  2. Monika Arora

    Walk is the best for temporary problems with writing. If it doesn’t help (in 95% cases it do!) I just play some music and dance, nothing special, but it just allow body and mind to relax and flow with the music… after few minutes I’m ready to come back to my story! (Forgive me my english, I’m writing in totally different language)

  3. Donna

    I need a forest

  4. SE Hudnall

    I take my characters out on a long drive in my truck. We listen to a little music, look at the boring Texas scenery, and have a come to Jesus meeting. When we finally come to an agreement I turn the truck around and we can all go home so I can get to work again. Works for me! 😀

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