5 Ways For Writers To Conquer Frustration

5 Ways For Writers To Conquer Frustration

Writers Write is a writing resource, and in this post, we offer five ways for writers to conquer frustration.

Frustration is as much part of the writing process as the writing. Some days I feel like I am going crazy.

I have mentioned before that I underwrite. I have been working so hard at learning to write longer that I seem to losing my ability to write short. I used to be able to write a short story with relative ease. I loved it.

Now I write a short story and it’s well, blah. Stories that used to fit into a half-page now need explanations and backstory and longer descriptions. In short, it feels like when I try to fix one thing I break the part that was working.

When frustration has me banging my head on the keyboard, what do I do?

5 Ways For Writers To Conquer Frustration

  1. I’ll take a creative break. I’ll go for a walk, bake something, or build a fort. I’ll do something that isn’t writing-related for a while. Any creative outlet will work.
  2. I’ll try a writing prompt and concentrate on something I am succeeding with. If your dialogue is all sparkly, write more of it. If you are rocking your descriptions, describe away.
  3. You could go to the gym. I won’t, but you could.
  4. I’ll try changing something in the scene. Perhaps I’ll try a different viewpoint character or write the scene that comes after the one I am stuck on.
  5. I’ll read. I’ll go back to my old favourites and re-read the bits I love. Sentences that sing and words that create magic. Words that remind me why I want to do this.

Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t, but I always try because you never know. What do you do when you are stuck?

 by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 25th June 2014