Trudi Canavan's 3 Tips To Improve Your Writing

Trudi Canavan’s 3 Tips To Improve Your Writing

In this post, we share Australian author, Trudi Canavan’s three tips to improve your writing.

Trudi Canavan is an Australian writer of fantasy fiction. She was born 23 October 1969.

She worked as a freelance illustrator and designer while writing the Black Magician Trilogy, published in 2001-3, which became a bestseller. It was nominated an ‘Evergreen’ by The Bookseller in 2010. The prequel, The Magician’s Apprentice, won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 2009 and the final of the sequel trilogy, The Traitor Queen, reached #1 on the UK Times Hardback bestseller list in 2011.

Her last five novels have been Sunday Times bestsellers in the UK. Trudi Canavan lives with her partner in Melbourne, Australia, and spends her time writing, painting, and weaving.

We found this advice on the author’s website for writers wanting to improve their writing.

Trudi Canavan’s 3 Tips To Improve Your Writing

  1. Read. Read the genre you write in, so you know what has been done before. Read outside of it as well, because that will give you a fresher, broader perspective.’
  2. Learn. Maintain a constant state of curiosity. Take every opportunity to learn about the world around you. Research other cultures, of now and in the past. Read about the sorts of skills your characters would have, but also try them out (so long as it’s legal!).’
  3. Ask. If you can’t do it, or do it well, ask an expert. If your character is of another gender, sexuality, class, race, whatever, to you, talk to someone who is. I’ve questioned a doctor, a forensic assistant, a literacy teacher, a martial arts enthusiast, and people of all kinds of diverse backgrounds in order to make my writing more believable.’

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Posted on: 23rd October 2021