The A-Z Of Blogging

The A-Z Of Blogging

We create blogging resources and share blog writing tips. In this post, our guest blogger writes about the A-Z of blogging.

The blogging life can be rewarding if you’re determined to make a success of it. While it is hard work, it’s also good to remember to have fun while you’re doing it.

I’ve put together a list of important things to think about when you blog. (Please note: This is not a list of blogging terminology. You can find one here.)

The A-Z of Blogging:

A is for About.

How do you write an ‘About’ page that works? Ask yourself what people want to know when they click on your ‘About’ link. ReadHow To Write An ‘About’ Page That Works

B is for Branding.

The tone, the look, and the content of your blog should be indivisible from your brand. ReadDoes Your Blog Suit Your Brand?

C is for Content.

Creating content is the key to being a successful blogger. People follow your blog because they like what you have to say. Read40 Types Of Content That Will Make Blogging Easier For You

D is for Deadlines.

You need to create a blogging habit. Use a blogging calendar and write to deadline. Read5 Ways To Deal With Difficult Deadlines and Practical Hacks For Planning Your Blogging Calendar

E is for Etiquette.

You need to look after your reputation on the internet, so it may be a good idea to mind your blogging and social media manners. Read21 Social Media Don’ts and How To Comment On Blogs And Social Media

F is for Formatting.

If you want to get somebody’s attention online, you have to learn how to format your posts for the internet. Read10 Formatting Tips To Make Your Online Text More User-Friendly

G is for Grammar.

You don’t have the luxury of getting this wrong. If you don’t write well, if you make silly grammatical mistakes, people will get confused and go somewhere else. Read our Grammar For Beginners and Punctuation For Beginners series.

H is for Headlines.

Headlines will make or break a post. Experts say that you should spend the same amount of time crafting your headline as you do writing your post. You need to learn how to use emotionally powerful words that get people to click on your post. ReadHow To Write Headlines That Make You Happy

I is for Images.

Not including images in your blog is a mistake. You need to share your posts and statistics show that posts with graphics are more likely to be shared, read, or even noticed than those without an image. Read3 Fabulous Free Design Tools For Bloggers

J is for Journalism.

Bloggers can use tips from journalists to make sure they’re getting their points across. Reporters start with the most important information. They know how to get your attention. ReadWhy You Need The Inverted Pyramid When You Write

K is for Knowledge.

Blogging changes every day. Your education will never end. You need to follow sites that give you tips. Sign up for updates from your blogging platform. Take a course if you feel you need it.

L is Length.

Nobody really knows the perfect blog post length. We suggest writing a few and seeing which ones get the best response for you. ReadHow Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

M is for Money.

We all want to make money out of doing something we love. If you want to make money blogging, you have to set up a great blog and create content regularly. Then, you have to have something to sell. Read5 Ways To Make Money Blogging

N is for Neglected Pages.

There are four important, mostly static, pages on your blog that you probably neglect. They are the ‘About Us’, ‘Personal Bio’, ‘FAQs’, ‘Contact Information’ pages . ReadAre These The 4 Most Neglected Pages On Your Blog?

O is for Online Courses.

If you want to teach or offer courses for your followers, you need a platform. Read10 Platforms Where You Can Host Online Courses

P is for Platforms.

Choose a blogging platform that suits you. Find one that you are comfortable with. These blogging platforms: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger – will have a variety of theme templates from which you can choose. Choose social media platforms that suit you too. ReadThe 9 Essential Social Media Platforms

Q is for Quizzes.

People love to interact on your blog and social media platforms. You can create your own on platforms like playbuzz  and quzzr.

R is for Readability.

One of the easiest ways to communicate is by learning to write in a reader-friendly style. Running readability statistics is a good way to test if you are reaching the widest possible audience. ReadWhy You Should Care About Readability Statistics

S is for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Bloggers know that content creation and search engine optimisation are made for each other. In fact, they need each other. But you also need to make it easy for search engines to find you. SEO is important if you want readers to pick up the content on your site. ReadWhy Content Creation Matters Most In SEO and 3 Easy Ways To Improve SEO For Your Blog

T is for Traffic.

Bloggers have to learn how to use social media and search engines to drive traffic to their blogs. ReadHow To Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

U is for Unique.

You need to find your unique writing voice. Your voice should reflect your personality and this should also fit in with your blog. ReadHow Do You Find Your Writing Voice?

V is for Video.

Create your own videos or share others. Watch as Kurt Vonnegut explains the shapes of stories.

W is for Writing.

You have to write well. It’s not negotiable. If you want people to take you seriously, practise. Read28 Dos And Don’ts: A Must-Have Checklist To Improve Your Writing

X is for X Marks The Spot.

Remember to add tags to your blog and your social media posts. This helps you and your followers locate the posts they want to read. You will find the ‘blogging‘ tag at the bottom of this post. This allows you to find posts on the same topic on this website. Read85 Hashtags Writers Need To Know

Y is for You.

People follow your blog because they like you or they like what you offer. While it’s true that not everybody will like you all the time, you need a few followers who like you most of the time. Read7 Reasons Why Likeable People Make Better Bloggers

Z is for Zen.

Zen is ‘a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort’. Blog about something that you love. Don’t force it. If you do this, your intuition will help you, especially when you’re blocked. Read10 Things You Need To Remember When You Start A Blog

P.S. If you want to learn how to blog, join us for The Complete Blogging Course.

 by Amanda Patterson

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