Does Your Blog Suit Your Brand

Does Your Blog Suit Your Brand?

Writers Write creates blogging resources and shares blog writing tips. In this post, we ask you to answer this question: Does your blog suit your brand?

Does Your Blog Suit Your Brand?

There are three elements you can control when you present your blog to the world.

The tone, the look, and the content of your blog should be indivisible from your brand.

There are times when people clearly get this wrong.

For example:

  1. If I follow a decorator on Facebook and his or her social media posts are light and upbeat, I don’t want to end up on a blog that is dark and sombre on every page.
  2. If I follow a social media expert, I don’t want to end up on a blog that is confusing and cluttered.
  3. If I follow a crime writer, I don’t want to end up on a blog decorated with roses and unicorns and puppies.

And I don’t want to get there and find that there is little or no content on the blog. Even worse, I don’t want to see that the last post was written 18 months ago.

3 Ways To Ensure That Your Blog Is Compatible With You

If you want to find out if your blog suits your brand, ask these three questions:

1.  Tone: Does your blog represent your brand?

Our tone is conveyed through our choice and use of words and phrases, our viewpoint, our grammar, and our level of formality. ‘Tone refers to an author’s use of words and writing style to convey his or her attitude towards a topic.’ (From 155 Words To Describe An Author’s Tone)

At Writers Write, our motto is: Write to communicate. This means that our writing is accessible, readable, and user-friendly. We make sure that our readability statistics reflect this.

We try to inspire, inform, and entertain. Our tone is informative, lighthearted, inspirational, practical, and (at times) humorous.

You can usually find your tone by asking these questions:

  1. Why am I writing this?
  2. How do I want my reader to feel?
  3. What do I want my reader to learn?

2.   Look: Does your blog reflect your style?

One of the things that turns us off a blog is when the blog theme seems at odds with the content. Choose themes, fonts, and colour palettes that suit your brand. Choose images and blog title formats that resonate with your subject matter.

At Writers Write, we blog about writing and we (mostly) do it in black and white. Our look is clean and uncluttered. This works for us, because if reflects our brand and our tone.

Five tips to help you with your look:

  1. Visit lots of blogs and make notes. List reasons why you like or dislike the way they look. Do their themes suit their brands? How do they make you feel? How can you use this information to help you with your look?
  2. Always include an image in your blogs. It is a waste of time to create content without it.
  3. Your blogging platform (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger) will have a variety of theme templates from which you can choose. [If you don’t have a blog, start here: What is a blog?]
  4. Free images are available on platforms like Pixabay.
  5. You can create your own blog title templates on platforms like Adobe Spark or Pablo. 

Suggested reading: 11 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Returning To Your Blog

3.   Content: Does your blog showcase your knowledge?

What is your area of expertise? What interests you? Your blog should be filled with this content. It should reflect your personality. That content should have everything to do with your business.

At Writers Write, we teach people how to blog, how to write for business, and how to write books. We blog about these topics, and we attract followers who want to learn about these subjects. 

Tip: It is not a good idea to include everything that interests you on one blog. It confuses people.

If you take your blogging seriously, your content should be up to date and you should blog regularly. Start a blogging calendar. Make use of themes. Collect ideas for posts. [Read 40 Types Of Content That Will Make Blogging Easier For You]

When readers leave your blog…

They should feel as if they made the right decision to visit. They should have learnt something new about a topic that interests them. And it would be great if they want to come back again.

TOP TIP: If you want to learn how to blog, join us for the The Complete Blogging Course.

Amanda Patterson by Amanda Patterson

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