How To Write An ‘About’ Page That Works

Writers Write creates blogging resources and shares blog writing tips. In this post, we discuss how to write an ‘about’ page that works.

How do you write an ‘About’ page that works? Ask yourself what people want to know when they click on your ‘About’ link.

People who visit your website want to know who you are, what you do, why they should believe you, how they can contact you, where you are, and when they need to show up.

The easiest way to cover the basics on this page is to use the five Ws and the one H. We cover this in detail in: Why You Need The Inverted Pyramid When You Write

So, let’s begin.


Who are you? Whether you’re writing about a company, a brand, or an individual, you need to get this across quickly. If you have regular contributors, add links to their profiles.

On our about page, we say:

Writers Write is a comprehensive writing resource for creative writers, business writers, and bloggers.

We have more than 1 400 articles filled with writing tips on creative writingbusiness writing, and blogging for you.

Our motto at Writers Write is ‘Write to communicate’. We believe in the power of words.


What do you do? What do you offer? What types of blog posts will they find?

On our about page, we say:

  1. We teach you how to write. We offer practical, inspiring courses in blogging, business writing, and creative writing.
  2. We offer advice. Writers Write is a one-stop resource for creative writers, bloggers, and business writers on this site.
  3. We inspire you. Enjoy our writing promptsquotes on writing, comicsliterary birthdaysbook reviews, and words.


Why should you choose to subscribe, join a course, or buy a product? This is your chance to boast a bit. Tell us what you’ve done.

On our about page:

We detail our experience in teaching blogging, creative writing, and business writing.


How do we become part of your world? This is your call to action. How does the reader connect with you?

On our about page, we say:

  1. If you want to receive our free daily writing links, click here: Sign Up
  2. If you want to find out more about our courses, click here: Writing Courses
  3. If you want to contact us:
  4. If you want to advertise on our platform, click here: Advertise With Us
  5. If you want to write for us, click here: Guest Post Guidelines


Where are you? This is important if you need people to find you in the real world. Add your location if you offer courses in person, or if you have a venue people need to access.


When is your event taking place? This is only important if you are promoting an event or if you work with deadlines.

Putting it all together:

Once you have the details, you will have to write this page in the tone and style that suits your blog. You have a voice. Your brand has a voice. Use it when you write the words.

On our page:

Our voice is practical and helpful. We hope this is how our page reads.

Happy blogging.

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 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 8th January 2018