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15 Idioms For Periods Of Time

What is an idiom? Definition: An idiom is phrase which has a meaning that is commonly understood by speakers of the language, but whose meaning is often different from the normal meaning of the words. After hours: In the evening or at night, or late in the…

10 Idioms About Food

Source for Image: Grammar.Net What is an idiom? If you want to learn how to write for business, join us for  The Plain Language Programme. If you enjoyed this article, read these posts: 93 Extremely Bad Business Writing Habits to Break Nine Things To Avoid When…

RIP – Sylvia Plath

Today is the anniversary of Sylvia Plath’s birthday. She was born 27 October 1932 and died 11 February 1963 Sylvia Plath’s Epitaph: Even amidst fierce flames the golden lotus can be planted.  by Amanda Patterson