World Reading Habits In 2020

Have you wondered how reading habits changed because of the events of 2020? In this infographic, we look at world reading habits in 2020.

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The science-backed benefits of reading are clear.

Reading has some amazing health benefits, including cutting stress, helping with relaxation, and alleviating some symptoms of depression.

It’s not surprising then that many of us turned to reading more books in 2020.

Let’s be honest: because of the coronavirus, many of us were spending more time at home than we were used to. It was easy for our minds to take a few detours down the anxiety lane.

Reading was a great way to put our minds at ease.

How exactly did our reading habits change in 2020? Which countries read the most? And what were our favourite books?

Global English Editing set about to find out answers to these questions. And they compiled their findings into a great new infographic about world reading habits in 2020.

If you want to discover some fun and surprising facts about the way the world read in 2020, and what changed because of coronavirus, check out their infographic below.

World Reading Habits In 2020

World Reading Habits In 2020

by Isabel Cabrera, Communications Manager, The Expert Editor

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Posted on: 13th November 2020