Writing As Therapy

Guest Post

How Writing Can Improve Your Health

We may be constantly writing emails, reports, and essays, but did you know that certain methods of writing can help you become healthier?

Science has shown that writing down your thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic, both mentally and physically. Writing therapy can help you self-reflect and deal with negative emotions and experiences. It can help you develop critical thinking skills, empathy, as well as creativity. It fosters self-awareness.

Expressive Writing

Some of the most dramatic therapeutic evidence comes from expressive writing, a type of writing therapy where traumatic experiences, negative thoughts and feelings are given an outlet by writing them down. Research shows that expressive writing participants experienced decreased anxiety and reduced depression symptoms, improved lung function, reduced blood pressure, and increased immune system functioning.

Journals & Poems

Gratitude journaling is a method of writing where a person writes down what they are most grateful for. Participants have reported an improved subjective well being, better sleep, and better motivation, all through the invocation of gratitude.

Writing poetry brings together creativity and self-expression. The metaphorical and/or philosophical approach can be therapeutic.

There are many writing therapy approaches to choose from, whatever the mood may strike you, and according to which will suit your needs at a given time. Writing therapy is portable, accessible, and affordable. It can be your personal tool for self-care.

The following infographic by The Expert Editor will show you some writing therapy methods. Why not try some of these yourself?

By Sierra Delarosa, Global English Editing

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Posted on: 29th June 2018