16 Easy Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

16 Easy Ways To Unleash Your Creativity

Writing is a creative act. In this infographic, we share 16 easy ways to unleash your creativity. 


What’s your goal for 2020?

Is it to finish the novel you’re working on? Is it to finally leave your desk job to become a full-time freelance writer? Or is it simply to get a bit more writing done each week?

To all of these we say, “Amazing. All power to you.”

But what if we could give you a little superpower to help you achieve all of these goals? What if we could help you boost your creativity?

It’s not as hard as it looks. Creativity is a learnable skill that you can use as a powerful tool to achieve your goals.

The ability to not accept the status quo, but search for new solutions is the heart of creativity. And, luckily, it can be trained.

Creativity is trainable.

Think of it like a muscle. And just like a muscle, it needs to be trained frequently.

The Expert Editor have created a new infographic that shows you how to train your creativity.

They show you:

  1. Shining examples of creative genius.
  2. Creative careers for the 21st century.
  3. 16 easy ways to unleash your creativity.

These easily-implementable hacks are simple steps you can do to boost your creativity as a writer.

Check out the infographic below to unlock your mind.

16 Easy Ways To Unleash Your Creativity

16 Easy Ways to Unleash Your Creativity

Source for infographic: The Expert Editor

by Isabel Cabrera, Communications Manager, The Expert Editor

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Posted on: 15th June 2020

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