11 Steps to Writing a Bestselling Novel

11 Steps To Writing A Bestselling Novel

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Most writers dream about writing a best-selling novel. Are you one of them? A captivating story, with fascinating characters, vivid scenes, and a gripping plot are an essential first step.

What if all the elements you believe make a great book are there, but your book doesn’t quite catch on in popularity? You can send it in to have it looked at by an editor. You can also learn about which features are most prominent in best-selling novels.

According to an algorithm, the types of books that most often make it to the New York Times best-seller list generally have shorter sentences, active narratives, and simple vocabulary. Therefore, best-selling books are more widely accessible to the reading public because they are more readable.

By focusing mainly on just one or two topics in the book, readers can stay engaged without becoming confused and sidetracked.

Best-selling novels often feature detectives or lawyers as lead characters. Currently, the most popular kind of lead character is the dark, misplaced female. Think Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, or Rachel Watson from The Girl on the Train. Novels with female protagonists tend to win more awards than novels with protagonists of other genders.

Romance novels sell the best, followed by contemporary novels and thrillers. 52% of best-sellers are written in the third person.

Learn more about best-selling novels by taking a look at this infographic by Global English Editing.

Here are 11 steps to writing a bestseller:

11 Steps to Writing a Bestselling Novel (Infographic)

Source for Inforgraphic: Global English Editing

By Sierra Delarosa, Content Manager, Global English Editing & The Expert Editor

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Posted on: 16th November 2018