The Surprising Reading Habits Of Millennials

Read this fun infographic to learn more about the surprising reading habits of Millennials.

Guest Post

Comedian Brad Upton joked about Millennials being the dumbest people he ever met.

Why? They consume energy drinks, which they don’t need, use a debit card for a dollar and forty cents purchase, and don’t even memorize phone numbers.

I beg to differ. I forgive him though, he’s a really funny man.

Contradictory to this stereotype, Millennials are smarter because they read more – it’s just that how they read is different from what older generations did.

In fact, new research shows that Millennials read more than their parents and any other age groups. Compared to older generations, 53% have used a library or bookmobile in the previous 12 months.

15% of them read on a tablet, 27% used a cellphone, 16% opted for a laptop or desktop and the rest used an e-book reader.

But it doesn’t mean that Millenials no longer prefer printed materials. A staggering 92% of college students still favor reading print books to e-readers.

Here are other surprising facts about the reading habits of Millennials:

  1. Most Millenials are very well informed on a certain subject.
  2. Compared to other age groups, Millennials purchase most of the books they read.
  3. They spend 72 minutes consuming news daily.

See? The bad reputation of Millenials is opposite to what the facts say. The truth is that they are driving up the book sales – be it in print or digital format.

It’s just that their way of reading and their preferences are different from any generation who have come before.

Don’t believe me? Read this fun infographic from The Expert Editor to learn more about the surprising reading habits of Millennials.

The Surprising Reading Habits of Millennials

by Isabel Cabrera, Communications Manager, The Expert Editor

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Posted on: 12th April 2019