How to use a fountain pen

How To Use A Fountain Pen

Guest Post

Even though we live in the digital age, the art of writing by hand should never become obsolete.

There are so many benefits to writing by hand: it’s better for learning, can prevent you from getting distracted, keeps your brain sharp, and even makes you a better writer since you can edit your post as you type it up later.

Although we don’t write by hand nearly as much as we used to, we urge you to pick a pen and write your next ideas down on paper. And to really enjoy the craft, invest in a quality pen and paper to do so.

Writing with a fountain pen is truly an experience. These pens produce smooth as butter lines with different widths.

If you’re not familiar with fountain pens, Invaluable created a helpful guide on how to use a fountain pen, including everything from the parts to proper hand positioning.

Plus, they’ve outlined how to craft the perfect signature using a fountain pen, in the infographic below. So, next time you want to sit down and write on paper, pick up a fountain pen, and let yourself become immersed in the experience.

by Emma Walsh, Invaluable.

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Posted on: 25th January 2019