11 Public Libraries Invaluable to World History

11 Public Libraries Invaluable to World History

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Though many people eschew carrying a physical book these days, preferring e-readers or apps to get their reading done, printed book sales continue to increase.

Every writer knows that there is just something about collecting words on corporeal pages that grants history, depth, and the feeling of truly conveying a truth to a piece of writing. After all, there is nothing like seeing your work in print.

While many libraries are struggling in the digital age there are still a good many throughout the world that stand as invaluable seats of knowledge, and have done so for centuries. The buildings themselves are wondrous. Take Stiftsbibliothek in Austria where many of its over 70,000 books are housed in the largest such hall in the world and you’ll see just how important it is to stay just a bit slavish to the printed word.

Below, Oldest has collected statistics on 11 of the most invaluable public libraries in the world. Collectively housing millions of volumes, these buildings contain a gravitas and majesty that cannot be replicated by a computer screen.

11 Public Libraries Invaluable to World History

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Posted on: 13th December 2018