14 Famous Signatures And Their Meanings

Guest Post

Have you ever stopped to think about the role handwriting plays in our writing? Graphology, the study of handwriting, is such an interesting concept and something that can depict a lot about our emotions, self-awareness, and even upbringing. Many famous authors and other creatives throughout history have very unique, distinct handwriting styles and their signatures are reflective of this.

From the slants of each letter to the added adornments, we’re able to tell a lot about the way a person views his or her work simply by looking at their autographs. Invaluable created this neat infographic that highlights some of the most famous authors’ signatures and what each reveals about their personalities. Check them out below and then see what your signature might divulge.

by Emma Welsh

Source for image: Invaluable

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Posted on: 1st August 2018